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Bitterness Poem, the Bitter Bean 0

Bitterness Poem, the Bitter Bean

I really dislike beans, and I think they dislike teens. They taste like paste, they are just a waste. If I had my choice, beans would not be my pick. They are as annoying...

Earth Hour 2015 0

Earth Hour 2015

I think Earth Hour is a good idea. With this manny people turning off their lights it can save a lot of energy. It also acts as a publicity stunt to spread awareness of...

Stranded on Mars 0

Stranded on Mars

Yesterday, we had a book club discussion on the Martian. I learned a lot from that discussion. One thing I learned is that sometimes I do not use a lot of eye contact. I...

Student Blog Challenge #2 0

Student Blog Challenge #2

NH53 via Compfight Arno Meintjes via Compfight He moves down the street, and he gallops to the store, he will find his place.

Is the United Nations Effective? 0

Is the United Nations Effective?

I do not think the United Nations is as effective as it could be. I believe there is a huge flaw in the system. That flaw is their veto system. There are five countries...

Is Jail a Key to Success? 1

Is Jail a Key to Success?

Today we discussed how Jack Gantos’s life will change in jail for the better. Early in Jack’s life, he went away to a send away high school. Jack was not ready for this new...

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